Yesterday, October 17, CureClick attended Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden’s latest Cancer Moonshot event at the White House for a review on how far the program has progressed and what the future holds for cancer research. We are honored to have been part of this exclusive event as a representative of the patient community.


Vice President Joe Biden once again inspired everyone in the room with his rousing speech. He emphasized collaboration between experts in different fields of study, as well as between researchers and patients in battling cancer. Vice President Biden reminded us of the need to instill a sense of urgency into our efforts for finding innovative methods to fight cancer.

Cancer Moonshot 10/17 Meeting Overview

Encourage greater collaboration across different fields of research, organizations, and communities

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) launched a Drug Formulary — a new public-private partnership with 20–30 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that allow researchers to more easily license and test their existing drugs for new combinations that could be effective against different types of cancer. Trials using combination therapies (therapies using more than one drug), which potentially improve the likelihood of curing a particular cancer, can now be streamlined to move more quickly.

Apply modern technology to outdated systems
“There’s a recognition that the cancer system established five decades ago needs to be reimagined to the 21st century.”
-VP Joe Biden

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) have partnered to apply the most powerful computational assets at the DOE’s National Labs to over half a million veterans’ records from one of the world’s largest research cohorts — the Million Veteran Program — a cornerstone of President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative. The collaboration is poised to drive new understanding of cancer and new patterns in effective treatments as part of the Cancer Moonshot.

Increase the ability for patients to participate in clinical research

The NCI has adopted a new “dashboard” that makes it easier for patients and doctors to search for clinical trials. This dashboard was created by the Presidential Innovation Fellows in partnership with the NCI to maximize the user experience when they go to

CureClick at the Cancer Moonshot

CureClick COO Brian Poeschl and Cancer Moonshot Task Force member Lynne O’Brien

“The Cancer Moonshot meeting was a great opportunity to further solidify relationships with other participants as well as to foster new ones as we form collaborations to help support the Moonshot goal of accelerating medical progress,” said CureClick COO Brian Poeschl. “CureClick will continue to support the Cancer Moonshot by helping connect patient communities to cancer research and clinical trials.”


To watch the Cancer Moonshot 10/17 meeting, click here.

See VP Joe Biden’s Report of the Cancer Moonshot Task Force.