The history of clinical trials reveals an arduous but steady road to progress. Clinical research has yielded invaluable information about health and disease, providing better treatments and cures for diseases that would otherwise cause unnecessary suffering. Celebrate Clinical Trials Day on May 20th to honor the ongoing efforts of all the doctors, researchers, and patients who have made modern medicine possible.


The Origin of Clinical Trials Day

Clinical Trials Day commemorates the day when James Lind, a Scottish physician, conducted the first controlled clinical trial to determine a better treatment for scurvy on May 20th, 1747. While aboard the HMS Salisbury of Britain’s Royal Navy fleet, Lind separated twelve men who suffered from scurvy into six groups to test six different treatments for fourteen days (though the group who took citrus fruits ran out of supply after six days). He found that the group who had been given citrus fruits experienced a notable improvement, providing him with the link between citrus and scurvy.


Clinical Trials in Modern Day

Clinical trials have developed considerably since Lind’s discovery but we dedicate this day to remember his work and the importance of research in healthcare. CureClick asks you to join us in spreading the word about the impact that clinical trials have on medicine and health. Patient recruitment is the main obstacle to completing clinical trials, impeding the discovery of new treatments for diseases. Without volunteers to test investigational drugs, treatments that may provide better care and relief to diseases would not be available to those who need it. We need your help to generate conversations about how everyone can take part in advancing medical research, not only as patient participants but also as advocates.



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Healthline is also hosting a Twitter chat to talk about Clinical Trials Day, featuring JDRF, CISCRP, and TrialReach. Join the conversation on May 20th, 12PM Eastern time at #TrialChat.

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