We started CureClick in September 2014 and in the past 6 months the CureClick Team has focused on providing an innovative and intuitive technology experience for our users (CureClick Ambassadors) and through our platform and growing community of CureClick Ambassadors, we aim to educate the public on important clinical trials and accelerate patient recruitment.

Now, introducing the CureClick Blog: a voice and forum to share our passion in improving healthcare knowledge and accelerating medical research!

Through our blog, we will keep you updated on:

  • the background action on building the first ever Clinical Trial Crowdsourcing Platform and the ever continuous improvements to our product and service in order to provide the best experience for our users,
  • the latest industry news on clinical research,
  • highlights on recruitment progress,
  • and spotlights on our amazing CureClick Ambassadors and their support in our collective goal to spread the word about important clinical trials.