Click-for-a-Cause Raised Awareness and Donations for Cancer, Diabetes, Asthma, and More

Last Week’s Monday Madness Challenge: Click-for-a-Cause!
Our CureClick ambassadors’ share efforts during last week’s “Monday Madness” challenge helped raise over $500 to help non-profits advance important medical research!

What is Monday Madness?

Every week on Monday we invite our CureClick Ambassadors to participate in a one-time, time-sensitive program that allows them to earn special rewards for performing a specific challenge […]

CureClick Supports Prostate Cancer Awareness With #CureClickCares Initiative

CureClick is committed to changing the speed at which clinical trials are filled by changing the way people learn about them from their peers. To this end CureClick is expanding its initiative to support both patients and organizations that are seeking to overcome illness. In just a few months CureClick has donated over $2,000 to a variety of charities […]

CureClick Twitter Madness Winners!

This past week’s Monday Madness contest was the Twitter Madness, which challenged our Ambassadors to post at least one tweet for each of the active trials on CureClick.

Over 200 Ambassadors participated, generating almost 1,400 tweets!

Here are our winners!
Criteria: posting about each trial at least 3 of the 5 days

Cindy Biaggi
Evelyn Clements
Rhia Steele
Debbie Woodbury


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An Open Letter to the #LCSM Community

By Fabio Gratton, Co-founder & CEO, CureClick

Last evening my phone suddenly started beeping with alerts from our company’s Twitter stream, and as I scrolled through I grew increasingly concerned. Members of a certain healthcare community were frustrated by what they felt were “spammy” messages using their hashtag. These tweets included information about a lung cancer […]

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Monday Madness Winner!

Congratulations to Amy Cleaver, who has been chosen as the winner of our the Monday Madness content challenge. The goal of this challenge was to create an original post (e.g., blog, Facebook etc.) that (1) discusses the importance of treating high cholesterol and reducing the impact of heart disease; and (2) highlights the importance of […]

The CureClick “Secrets to Success” Series

We often get questions from Ambassadors inquiring about keys to successful sharing through CureClick.  In an effort to provide you with credible, real-world insights, we have gone into our data to identify some of our most successful Ambassadors and provide you with their strategies to creating maximum impact on their community.



Our first featured Secrets to […]

Giving Back to Help & Heal

This is a featured post from Debbie Woodbury, a CureClick Ambassador and CureClick Advisory Board Member.

Giving Back to Help & Heal
I cherish the moment I found support and realized I wasn’t alone. Giving back in gratitude for that support was the next step in healing from my cancer.


I had my mastectomy on a Wednesday. I think it […]

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Featured Post: The Democratization of Knowledge, or Why I’m All-In on CureClick

By Casey Quinlan, CureClick Ambassador/CureClick Advisory Board

I’ve been a science geek since I was a child. My mother was a complete chemistry nerd, so our time in the kitchen together was as much about cool experiments with food as it was about dinner. I blame what I call The Frog Pithing Incident in my high […]

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Clinical Trial

The currently recruiting trial listed on CureClick for rheumatoid arthritis is a clinical study for a biosimilar medication. We have received several messages about this trial so we wanted to post some additional information:

According to the FDA, “Biosimilars are a type of biological product that are licensed (approved) by FDA because they are highly similar to […]

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Let’s Talk Clinical Trials and Finding Cures #hachat

CureClick joins WEGO Health's #hachat this week to discuss important issues on clinical trial recruitment challenges, trial perceptions, fears, and benefits.

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