We often get questions from Ambassadors inquiring about keys to successful sharing through CureClick.  In an effort to provide you with credible, real-world insights, we have gone into our data to identify some of our most successful Ambassadors and provide you with their strategies to creating maximum impact on their community.


CureClick Ambassador

Alicia Staley


Our first featured Secrets to Success Ambassador is Alicia Staley.  Alicia has been involved with CureClick for 4 months, and has been very actively sharing since day one.  To date, Alicia has generated over 1500 clicks on her personalized links, making her CureClicks’s most proficient click-generator.



Platform of Choice

Alicia’s platform of choice for most of her CureClick activities is Twitter. We asked her to tell us a little bit about why she chooses this platform, why she thinks she has been so successful, and sharing any advice with new Ambassadors looking to replicate her achievements.

“Twitter is an amazing community and has always been my preferred social network. I joined in 2008 and have connected with thousands of cancer survivors around the world. The ability to network and share with my community at anytime made me realize the importance of building a trusted, node on this amazing network. I only share information that I review and can personally represent. To honor the trust given to me by my connections, I only share the best information. I share my CureClick links throughout the day and night so I can reach my community.”


Type of Posts

We asked Alicia to tell us about whether she has a particular approach to the type of content she includes in her posts.

“I use a variety of different posts. In general, I use text tweets. But at least once or twice a day I will include images ([the “Trial Cards”] which CureClick has made available to all Ambassadors. These catch the attention of people in my community in a different way — but I try not to overuse these so that they stand out more when I do use them.”


Audience Feedback

We also asked Alicia about the potential for burnout by her audience from posting so often.

“I have seen only negligible negative feedback or unsubscribes from my activity, and of course, the positive results speak for themselves.”



We hope you found this first “Secrets to Success” feature interesting and provocative. Feel free to share your own successful tips & tricks with us so that we can feature them in future newsletters.